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ANNA PAPE is a 22 year-old Singer/Songwriter from Hamburg, Germany. Already at a very young age she started singing, writing songs, acting, dancing and taught herself to play the guitar. During her recovery from mental illness when she was 15, she started writing songs about it. 
 In 2019 ANNA won the Pro 7 Music Show 'My Hit. Your Song.' She started working with producers & co-writers in Stockholm /Sweden & in Nashville/ Tennessee. 
 ANNA's new single 'DEAR ANNA,' is about mental health & fighting against depression. "A young fan-girl asked me for help, cause she's suffering from depression & life ending thoughts lately. I felt like just answering her in a few words was not enough, so I wrote a song about her & to anyone who's suffering/recovering from mental illness. I truly hope that this song will make you feel less alone, seen, valued & loved!"