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Marvin A. Smith


Marvin A. Smith, Choreographer & Artistic Creative Director, is a true International Professional in every sense.

Born and raised in Southern California, Smith received most of his dance education and experience in the two toughest training grounds in the world; Los Angeles and New York City. It was here that Marvin proved himself to be a success as he worked his way through the entertainment industry.
As a dancer Smith obtained various television and film credits such as the Billboard Awards, and the MTV Music Awards to name a few. Film credits include Malcolm X, starring Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, and The Bodyguard, starring mega diva Whitney Houston. Touring the world with artists like Michael Jackson, Smith helped in creating their picture perfect live performances.
Since his arrival in Europe, Smith has taken the commercial industry as choreographer and creative director by storm. Smith has been called upon to work with leading companies, theatres and recording artists alike
including: Calvin Klein, Triumph International, Armani, Levi’s, Mercedes Benz, Art on Ice featuring Leona Lewis, various
TV formats such as So You Think You Can Dance, X-Factor, and Musical Show Star. Music recording industry stars Anastacia, Dionne Bromfield, Kelly Rowland, Blue, Donna Summer, Ellie Goulding and Helene Fischer
to name a few.
Smith is involved in every aspect of putting a show together, from casting and choreography to creative direction, artistic elevation, styling, costumes, stage renderings and design to direction and production.
Smith doesn’t just know the trends, he sets them.

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